Independence Day

June 30th, 2017
Franklin County High School


1st Annual Kiss The Cow

Rocky Mount Rotary

Vote for your favorite contestant by making an online donation and the person with the most money fundraised must Kiss the Cow at the Rocky Mount Rotary Club Independence Day Celebration on June 30, 2017.

Current Standings

1st Place: A. J. Dudley - $328.00   

2nd Place: Bill Jacobsen - $391.25 - $75.00 received after the close of voting

3rd Place: Dr. Mark Church - $176.00 

4th Place: Kathlynn Stone - $140.00

5th Place: Bill Overton - $62.00

6th Place: Bob Camicia - $62.00 

7th Place: Brent Robertson - $22.00

8th Place: Steve Angle - $13.00

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